A complete list is available via RWTHonline as well as via Courses. Educational material according to the lectures and exercises can be found on the platform RWTHmoodle. Please note, a registration as a student in the respective course is necessary.



During semester term we offer following seminars:

  • Mesoscopic aspects of inorganic chemistry
  • Modern methods in inorganic chemistry
  • Chemical nanostructures
  • Features of impedance spectroscopie
  • Charge transfer in nanostructured materials
  • Seminar zu Staatsexamensarbeiten für Lehramt Chemie, in German only
  • Seminar for Bachelorthesis

Practical courses

According to the courses we offer lab courses:

  • practical course general and analytical chemistry I (German only)
  • research internship MES - Materials and mesoscopic systems: solids, polymers and nanostructures
  • research internship CAT - Catalysis